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DataWise Report Writer Knowledge Base

DataWise Report Writer Knowledgebase

Look here for answers to frequently asked questions, bug and fixes and general support papers.

QA1 - Hardware Fingerprint

How to find the hardware finger print to register your software. more...

QA2 - When editing a report the close button may not work

On some machines the close button occasionally does not work. This is a windows problem. Press [CTRL]+[S] to save the report and then [CTRL]+[F4] to exit

 QA3 - System clock unlock key instructions

It is possible to trigger SoftwarePassport/Armadillo's clock-back detection system by accident, for instance by setting the clock to a future date and then later setting it back to the present.

Request a FixClock key from Datawise and when received do the following:
Run DataWise as normal, and get the clock-back error message. Hold down the shift key while clicking the OK button; this will call up the FixClock window, and you can enter the key you've been given there.
Run Datawise Report Writer with the command line option "MYB9.EXE fixclock" and enter the key given to you.
If the system clock is now correct, SoftwarePassport/Armadillo will then fix the system. You will receive a report telling you whether the system was fixed. In some extremely rare cases it may be necessary to reboot the system and try a second time. FixClock keys are valid only for the project they were created for, and only for a few days. Once they are successfully used, they are invalidated, and the user must get a new key if he breaks the system again.

QA4 - ODBC Errors

In regards to the SQL AllocHandle error, this can message can occur for two reasons. The first reason is the lack of user privileges. So what happens if the user launching the connection has Administrative privileges?
The second cause of this error is the remnants of Data Sources relating to the older version of ODBC or previous versions of the OpenRDA.INI configuration file.   more...

QA5 - Windows 2000

MYOB ODBC DIRECT 6.000.0013 DSNless connections do not work with Win2000. You need to use a version of Report Writer that has the DSN connection option available.

This may be resolved by installing latest service packs, but we have not tested this.  Both types are again available from DataWise Report Writer version 9.3.318

QA6 - Report Filter on fields renamed in sql query

If the syntax more than one table is joined and sum(journals.debit) as debit, then in the create filter field, the field name must be manually typed as journals.debit

QA7 - Output error - Cannot load xfrxlib.fll

 XFRXLIB.FLL now also requires MSVCP71.DLL library to be installed (the previous version required GDIPLUS.DLL and MSVCR71.DLL libraries), all three libraries are required now. Please ensure that these 3 files are in the same folder as the myb9.exe file. (can be registered in system32 folder instead)

QA8 - Which ODBC Driver works with which New Zealand versions

This table is for the MYOB_ODBC driver which is now installed as standard with 2007 versions. It is read only and does not require special licensing. It requires other versions of the ODBC driver to be uninstalled first  as it has the same name. (Write back requires a different ODBC driver labeled NZ_ODBC. )

Year Accounting PLUS Premier Licensed ODBC Version ODBC 4 ODBC 5 ODBC 6 ODBC 7
2003 12 (DAT) 12 (PLS) 6 no none NO NO NO NO
2004 14 (DAT) 14 8 (PRM) online 4 YES   YES YES
2005 15 (MYO) 15(MYO) 9 (MYO) online 5 NO   YES YES
2006 16 (MYO) 16(MYO) 10 (MYO) online NO NO YES YES
2007 17 (MYO) 17(MYO) 11 (MYO) online 7 NO NO NO YES
2008 18 (MYO) 18(MYO) 12(MYO) online MYO<NZ>0801 NO NO NO NO
2009 No release expected for windows versions for NZ. Australia has an update for it's payroll component







QA9 - Which Windows versions are supported by the ODBC drivers

Since Microsoft no longer support many of the older systems most of our clients have upgraded. Hence only Windows XP, Vista and now Windows 7 are being supported.

Windows 2000 is still use dby some clients, and they can still use a DSN type connection. This is slow but workable.

The only recommended driver is the 2008 MYOB versions eg: MYONZ0801. We suggest that users upgrade to the latest versions and enjoy the benefits and features they provide. The greatest benefit is reduced hardware and software issues.

Please note that the ODBC driver does not display System DSNs in the Test connection window. DataWise Report Writer only user System DSN's for it's connections. Please make both types of connections for testing purposes.

QA10 - My offline database takes a very long time to update.

The cause of this is due to one or both of the following: The data is being copied from a multiuser file (Premier) which is in use by one or more users. When this happens every record is being checked for it's "in use and locked" status. This slows down the users and the data extract. The second cause could be due to the speed and traffic on the network if the file is being copied from a different pc\ serevr on a network.

To overcome this a copy of the MYOB file is copied to the local pc. The data extraction is then done on this file, thus avoiding both of the issues above.

This option to copy the file is done under the Setup Menu - Step 4. Please create a folder called "C:\myb9\localcopy" if it is not already there and follow the on screen instructions.

QA11 - Upgrading to the New 2007 MYOB Versions.

The DataWise Report Writer is fully compatible with the latest versions of MYOB 2007. The new Versions however come with a new version of the MYOB ODBC Driver. Please ensure that you uninstall MYOB ODBC v5 or v6 before installing your MYOB upgrade. Then install your upgrade. The new ODBC driver will attempt to install when you run the upgrade installation wizard. Please check the program group MYOB ODBC Direct v7 is available from the Windows Start -> All Programs Menu. You can test the ODBC connection using the Test Connection program.

Start DataWise Report Writer. Go to the setup wizard. Step 3. is where you will set the new connection information. Follow the on-screen instructions. Test the connection before continuing. ( Windows 2000 users please refer to QA5 ).  No other changes are necessary.

QA12 - Report Preview screen flashes

When previewing a report on screen the page being displayed presents then presents again immediately thereafter. This is caused by an incompatible monitor type. The solution is to ensure that the monitor type is not set to "Default Monitor" Type, but rather to "Plug and Play Monitor" type. To change in Windows XP - right click on the desktop, select properties, settings, advanced, monitor, monitor type and select Plug and Play monitor. Alternatively go to My Computer, Properties, Device Manager and change or update monitor types and drivers there.

QA13 - Registering runtime DLL's in Non-installed environment

Register or unregister a DLL.

      REGSVR32 [/U] [/S] [/C] [/I:[Command_Line]] DLL_Name

      REGSVR32 [/U] [/S] [/C] /N /I:[Command_Line] DLL_Name

   /u          Unregister Server.
   /s          Silent - no dialogue boxes.
   /c          Console output.
   /n          Don't call DllRegisterServer
   /i          Call DllInstall (or DllUninstall if /u is specified)
  Command_Line An optional command line for DllInstall


Unregister (disable) XP Zip folders
REGSVR32 /u      C:\Windows\System32\zipfldr.dll

 QA14 - Advanced Job Reporting ( Step 9 of setup wizard)

When this feature is enabled extra tables are created to store additional information when processing offline data ( Step 2 - Run Customised Script) . These tables can then be used in creating additional report.

Extra tables are:

HEDNAMES - Job Header data - Holds extra buckets for P-B-F for periods 1-60

JOBNAMES - Job data - Holds extra buckets for P-B-F for periods 1-60

MYOBCHART - General Ldeger Accounts Chart - Holds extra buckets for P-B-F for periods 1-60 ,

FIXPERIOD -  List of period header descriptions for periods 1-60


QA15 - ODBC ERROR - Unable to determine if import has finished.

Possible causes to check if this message occurs during write-back

1. Check ODBC driver is the correct one for the data file version. Write back using MYOB_ODBC instead of MYOB_ODBC_NZ7 will write some transaction types under certain circumstances.

2. Check that the user name is unique for that connection. ie: If you have multiple simultaneous connections give the users unique users in their connection string.

3. Ensure connections using com servers are released immediately after use.


QA16 - SQLCONNECT ERROR - String to long to fit

This is a problem fixed with SP2 for VFP9. This usually occurs where older VFP applications are also running on the same pc. Download the SP2 runtime versions and save them into the same folder as the EXE. 

QA17 - Cannot locate the Microsoft Visual Foxpro Library 

This is because the DataWise Report Writer was not installed via the setup application. It MYB9 Folder was possibly copied across from another pc. This can be resolved in two ways. Firstly - Download the Visual FoxPro Libray and Runtimes from  Application SP2 Runtimes  ( zip file) and save them into the same folder as the EXE. If this fails you will need to download and install the program and then copy the old myb9 folder over the new one to get to use your modified installation version and reports   .


Note that for Windows 7 please install and run DataWise in "Administrator" mode