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DataWise ProActive


Introducing DataWise ProActive
A new breed of sales management system!

Introduction - February 2012

In today's connected business world, access to your information systems anywhere, anytime, is critical. Business owners, field staff (in sales or on the job) and employees at the office, all rely on fast access to a consistent, secure database.
When it comes to computer hardware, your choice is endless, and new device types are rapidly evolving, such as tablets and hand-held devices. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to run your business on any of the major platforms, be they Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux, or Android?
DataWise now introduces its ProActive program, which is an event-driven sales management tool, accessible in your office or anywhere with a wireless internet connection.

ProActive has been developed using the Servoy development environment (

Try the demo site now - Login in as Guest password 123456

Web Client  - Just runs in your browser 

Smart Client - Will download java scripts and run a Terminal Server type session .

Summary of ProActive features

Entities: People, Products, Places (Companies) - your master records
Contact management - people you deal with; unlimited contacts can be connected with a company
Events - Linked to a customer and contact; multiple invoices per event, tasks assigned
Business process:
Details - Create event
Contact - Create customer and contact person
Quote - Send a quotation
Order - Confirm acceptance of quote
Production - Assign resources to the event (Time, Products, Tasks, Emails)
Despatch - Deliver on the order
Billing - Create customer's invoice
Payments - Receive the customer's payment
Review - Sign off the event as complete

Communications management - Email centre

Calendar - task assignment and scheduling

Invoice posted to MYOB - ProActive acts as a front-end program to MYOB AccountRight series (up to V19.x). AccountRight provides all the back-office and accounting functions.

Other features:
Special Pricing
Back orders
Annual Contracts
Standard costing


Our platform - benefits for the user

Zero-installation deployment; Servoy is a true client-server application

Transparency - all data is available to all users (subject to field-level security)

Broadcast changes - all changes are updated to every logged-on user immediately

Familiar web-style navigation - single window, "back" button, hyperlinks to other information (ie drill down)

Secure database - logged-in users have no direct contact with the database; users cannot browse the server data folder; field level security (view/edit)

Open source database with controlled access - PostgreSQL - PgAdmin3 database manager tool; uses PgSql ODBC driver;  Learn more about PostgreSQL here

Reporting using iReport from Jasper - Connect directly via ODBC to database from anywhere. Community edition or Full Business Intelligence studio available.

Our platform - benefits to the system administrator

Servoy, the application platform, is open source, based on Java and Javascript, and true client-server.

The database we use is ProgreSQL, another open-source product

The user interface has two styles - web-client, which runs in any browser, and smart-client, akin to a terminal services connection, will run on any device that runs Java.

Servoy supports multiple operating systems. eg Windows XP and above, Apple's OSX, Linux and Solaris

The database and server-side application components reside either on a local or hosted server

Servoy Application Server does not require server operating systems, such as Windows Server 2008; a Windows XP workstation with appropriate performance and specification will be sufficient

Servoy licensing is based on concurrent users; the server-side components and database are free; additional databases can be created at no charge (ie additional companies can be added for free)

Servoy's single installation process bundles all the required components and tools

Servoy's control panel makes server administration a breeze

What to do next

DataWise ProActive has been in development for a year now. We have 3 sites running Servoy and implementing various parts of this application. We are now inviting anyone interested in learning more about this application to email us and we can keep in touch.

An online demo version will be accessible shortly.

For further details please contact Mark Crichton,, or phone Mark on (+64) 9 478-0530




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