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DataWise works with many of the MYOB products, including MYOB Accounting and AccountRight Family, MYOB Payroll, Exo Payroll, and Retail Manager.



ProActive Information

   DataWise ProActive

Multi-user Front End for MYOB.

Sales Process Management for MYOB®

  • Take control of the full sales process by measuring each sale through 10 steps.
  • Sales information available anywhere anytime on almost any device.
  • Manage communication and tasks transparently between all employees, eliminating the need to send hundreds of emails and reminders to people
  • Manage all emails and sales related information safely in the centralised company database where it can be accessed by the people who need it.
  • Manage inventory using Standard Costing method.
  • Works on Windows, Mac ( computers and iPads), Linux, Android, Solaris and anything that will run a browser or Java.

DataWise now introduces its ProActive program, which is an event-driven sales management tool, accessible in your office or anywhere with an wan / internet connection.



Our objective is to simplify business management by:
     1. getting company information and control into one co-ordinated database.
     2. providing customised data capture forms to save time and money entering and retrieving data.
     3. give the company full control over it's data



  • Sales Process Management ( 10 Steps )
  • Event / Jobs / Tasks management
  • CRM
  • Special Pricing
  • Back orders
  • Annual Contracts
  • Standard costing
  • Email Management
  • Calendar

Invoices posted to MYOB - ProActive acts as a front-end program to MYOB AccountRight series (up to V19.x). AccountRight provides all the back-office and accounting functions.

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ProActive Overview